Mediterranean Voidland

Mediterranean Voidland is a game about exploring a village in the Mediterranean and watching it from different points of view while listening to good music.

Mediterranean Voidland is a voidscape game. After reading an article about voidscapes, I have been fascinated by the whole concept of virtual dioramas and then decided to make one about villages in the Mediterranean (particularly on the coast of northwest Italy, where I was born).

At the same time I've started reading An Architectural Approach to Level Design by Chris Totten, and in particular his description of the Acropolis in Athens, about how everything is carefully placed to give the visitor the best perspective of the various monuments as they walk up to the hill. So I've figured my game would have been about views. About seeing a beautiful landscape from different perspectives.

Then I've decided to add music to this small diorama. I chose Palconudo, mainly because their music has its root deeply in the very same mediterranean culture. The idea is to combine the visuals and the music to try to evoke the very same emotions you feel when visiting these small fisherman villages.

I tried to give you a tiny piece of the Mediterranean, without the need to travel here to experience it.

Mediterranean Voidland has been featured and praised on Killscreen.

It has been showcased at EGX Rezzed 2017 in London as part of the Leftfield collection.

You can download the game from