I'd like to work with you.

As part of my creative practice and craft, I'm open to collaborations and freelance contracts on the areas I'm skilled and expert. If you would like to work with me, just contact me at the email address federico(at)kurai(dot)eu. Here is how I can help you.

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Game Design.

This is my main craft. I am available for helping you designing your game, for guiding you to express and evoke the feelings you want your audience to experience and for designing the game space in an effective and engaging way.

I can offer my help on many levels, from a simple consultancy to a full game design, to constant support to your design team. Let's have a chat and we can figure out my involvement on your project.

Creative Technology

I can help you develop your creative project and make it happen, both at a prototype and at a production level. I work mostly with Unity and I can create for you anything interactive, including AR and VR applications. I can work by myself or be a part of a bigger team as well, depending on your needs.

I can also work in more experimental projects that involve alternative controllers, custom built devices and so on.

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Workshops + Public Speaking

By leveraging my teaching experience I can tailor for you game design and creation workshops. They can be run both online or in person and we can work out together contents, duration and ways of delivery.

I have a good experience in public speaking, I have been speaking in several game and generalist conferences (AMAZE, Freeplay, TedX among the others). I can deliver talks about game design and game studies for conferences and events. I love to talk about my job and passions.