This is my story.

I have been a game designer for most of my life, both on a professional and on a more personal level. To me games are a way to express myself, a way to connect to people, a magical space where strange things happen and humanity sometimes feels more human. I love to share what I love with people and making games is a great way to do that. I think a game, as a little world for other people to enjoy, is a gift I can give to whoever feels like to listen.

Across my career I used my game design skills to help people how to make their products more playful, to organise game events, to empower and mentor. And of course to make games and interactive installations. Now, I try to share what I've learned.


Yes, I'm a polymath.

I think that specialisation is just not for me. I like to be able to do different things and I thrive when I can connect dots. I always liked to learn new stuff. I like to be cutting edge. And being a polymath makes me extremely flexible and adaptable. But game design is still the lens through I see the world with. It is my central focus, from where all my other skills grow. 

Out of the comfort zone.

I always liked to explore. To see what's beyond. I spend hours looking for hidden gems. My approach to games, as a player, has always been towards what's weird, unexpected, different. 

I like to think about games as a vast, mostly uncharted territory. I may set my basecamp in a known area, but as soon as I can I try to move around towards the less explored places. I think it's beautiful out there.

Screenshot 2019-05-17 12.05.34

I speak games.

I am interested in how games move me. On how a game space makes meaning and talk to me. How does that work? I don't believe it's just mechanics. My way of seeing it is more holistic and involves a deep understanding of play as a form of language. My approach takes from many disciplines and brings intuitions and a fresh vision to the field.

Here's something I've made.