An emotional little fox.

On Christmas 2019 I had to face a time of big emotional distress. A sum of stress at work, personal issues and family problems have brought me to reflect on my past. In the meantime, I got back making art and comics and I've started to think about an interactive comic. The Ballad of the Past Lou is a little experience about that.


Making peace with the past.

The ballad is a short game about coping with the past. I used for that the Dickens trope of the ghost of Christmas past, but I tried to couple it with some surreal humour (which I love). Lou's friends act as narrators and commenters, making remarks on your choices.


Watercolors and chill.

For this piece I used hand made watercolor drawings, which I then cut out and reassembled with photos and digital backgrounds to come up with a collage effect.

The game has been created in Unity with Fungus



The Ballad of the Past Lou concepts have been used in another interactive comic about friedship, still starring Lou the fox. You can find this and many other games I made on my page.

Selected Works

Forest DaydreamGame design

The Ballad of the Past LouGame Design, Art, Development

Guardian VRDesign, Development