A year in VR.

Between 2017 and 2018 I have been the creative technologist for the VR project at the Guardian. During this year I helped the team designing and developing many VR experiences for the Google Daydream and Cardboard platforms. 


Game design meets journalism

This project has raised my interest in using game design to produce interactive documentaries and journalistic pieces. I used my knowledge of how to create moving experiences in order to point the audience attention to the core topics we wanted to deliver.


Birds and extinction.

Songbird, our final piece, is a original take on extinction, which uses recordings from the ʻōʻō bird, which was last seen in 1985 and is now considered extinct. We worked with Uri and Michelle Kranot from Danish studio TinDrum, who beautifully recreated the Kauai forest in a hand paint style. I took care of the world design and of the general direction of the piece.

Songbird has been awarded best VR experience at the Anima Festival in Bruxelles.




The experiences we produced at the Guardian have been repeatedly awarded during documentary and Virtual Reality festivals across the world. Many of them are still accessible, in non interactive format, from the Guardian Youtube page.

Selected Works

Forest DaydreamGame design

The Ballad of the Past LouGame Design, Art, Development

Guardian VRDesign, Development