Yes, I'm a polymath.

I think that specialisation is just not for me. I like to be able to do different things and I thrive when I can connect dots. My starting point is always design, but in order to be a better designer I incorporate other skills that I use as tools. This way, I'm able to complete a project alone, but I can equally work really well in a team, by acting as the glue that keeps everyone together and working in the same direction. I like to learn new stuff. I like to be cutting edge. And being a polymath makes me extremely flexible and adaptable. Here is a breakdown of what I can do for you.

Creative direction and project management

I have a good experience in managing teams and doing creative direction, acquired both when running my own small business and while working with ETT for the King's College project. My focus on design and creation makes me the ideal person with a clear vision of the final goals and the ideas about how to reach them. On the other hand, my skills in the various production field (art/visual and coding) and my ability to create things from scratch make me really good in assessing timelines and costs and in leading a team with broad and different skillsets.

Game and Interaction Design

I have a long experience in making games, but I'm well versed in broader interaction design as well. I designed all sort of interactive things, from VR and AR experiences, to museum installations, to mobile applications. Design is my central focus, from where all my other skills grow. I also have a good experience in designing interfaces and figuring out user experience.

I can work with almost every tool on the market, and my knowledge of the Adobe suite and my 2D and 3D graphic skills can lead to better wireframes and prototypes. My creative coding skills help me as well both in the prototyping and in the polishing phases of production.

Game development and creative coding

I like to think of code as a tool. Code for me is a way to make real the things that happen in my mind. I'm well versed in C# with Unity and I know a good deal of scripting languages (like LUA and Javascript). I also like to experiment and play with more visual oriented languages like Processing (which I also use from time to time to create interaction prototypes and to figure animations out). I also know how to code in HTML and CSS and I have worked a lot with PHP.

While I'm mostly well-versed in gameplay and interaction programming (fairly high-level), I don't mind going a little big deeper, working for example with shaders and more low-level stuff. I like to keep an iterative approach with code, optimising and perfecting it so it's easily maintainable and understandable for the whole team.

Event curation

I've been running for several years a gaming event in Italy, Game Happens. This has made me very good in event management and curation. For Game Happens I took care of part of the event organisation and I helped selecting the showcased games. I'm also the chairman of the cultural association linked to the event and I help organise side things like monthly meetups and collateral events. 

My experience in event organisation, plus my work with museums make me a great choice if you need to organise a gaming event or to find less known games with a particular flavour that you wish to show to the public.

Teaching and public speaking

What's the point to know how to do stuff if you don't share it with other people? That's why I really like to teach and to share my ideas speaking at conferences and events. First of all, I like putting out there what I've discovered. And secondly I found that teaching it's actually a great way to learn as well. While teaching and sharing ideas you can get back different perspectives and points of view, so it's really worth it. As for public speaking, it's an excellent way to test the solidity of what I think, and to train my soft skills with people. 

I taught several game design courses back in Italy, both at IULM and at IED, as well as smaller one-day "get your hand dirty" workshops. I also took part in a lot of conferences, like the local IA Summit and two TedXs. I am really good in slide design, mostly using keynote; just as an example, here is the deck I used during the first edition of Game Happens. You can find some videos below as well.